How to view your LoadMaster Inventory in Kemp Support Portal

Note: Licenses listed may not reflect all the licenses within your Account.

When logging in to the Help Center and viewing your LoadMasters, you may notice that there are some LoadMasters that you own that do not appear on this list.


Each licensed LoadMaster has a unique serial number, and that serial number is associated with a KEMP ID. That KEMP ID is technically the "owner" of that LoadMaster, and the list of LoadMasters you see in the Help Center are all the LoadMasters that you KEMP ID has ownership of. If you do not see your LoadMaster in this list, you will need to update the license of your LoadMaster so that the correct KEMP ID has ownership. Below are steps on how you can do this.

Please note, this applies only to firmware versions 7.0-10 and higher.


In your LoadMaster navigate to System Configuration > System Administration > Update License.


If your LoadMaster has internet access, feel free to use Online Licensing. You'll notice on the left drop down Online Licensing is already chosen here. Simply type in your KEMP ID and password and click "Update License". If the request is successful, you will be notified of this in the Web UI and emailed the new license information (for your records). If you are unsure if your LoadMaster has internet access, feel free to use the Debug Options here to troubleshoot connectivity.


If the LoadMaster does not have internet access, you must use Offline licensing.

Change the left drop down to "Offline Licensing" and the options here will change. You will now need to click the "Get License" link specified which will redirect you to KEMP's licensing form on the web.

Here, just specify your KEMP ID and password (you do not need to populate the Order ID field) and click submit. You will then be emailed a new license blob. Copy that license blob into the "License" text box on the Offline Licensing screen.

Click "Update License" and your LoadMaster should prompt and say the license has been updated.

If you have any issues with these steps please open a support ticket. Also, it may take some time for the Help Center to update and display your LoadMaster's information. If you would like to see it updated immediately, click the refresh button inside the My Inventory window.

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are the kemps assoxited to my ID?


associated I mean

James Rago -- K360 Technical Product Manager

Yes, the lookup is based on your KEMP ID.

Gary Walvin

Would be better with to have the Kemps associated with a company and multiple Kemp IDs being able to access them. As it is we have to use a shared account which is something we try to avoid.


Hi. Does upgrading the license effect the virtual services at all? I just want to see if this needs to be done after hours. Thank you!

Paul Adeyemi

I inherited a Load Master and I'm not sure if it was activated or what Kemp ID it's associated to. It's hardware, I don't know the model number because it's in a data center I've never been to. I have the access code however. This article does not apply to me, in that it's Vers:5.1-74 and the interface looks different. My main goal is to upgrade it if possible. Please advice.

Justin Federico


We would need the serial number of the device to verify support and then our team can instruct you on the upgrade process. My recommendation would be to open a ticket (using the "Submit a Request" link in the Support Center) so we can identify the unit and provide you with the next steps.


How do we associate our LoadMasters to multiple accounts? We have several Network Admins who need to be able to open up tickets directly. We do not have or use share services accounts for the very obvious reason of basic AAA. How do we audit users who have access?!

Nick Smylie


As of now you cannot associate the LoadMaster with multiple accounts. If you have multiple users that need to open up tickets with us they just need the serial number of the LoadMaster which is found on the home screen. We can verify support through that.

If you do not want to give multiple users access to the 'bal' login information to get the serial number you could setup additional users and have their own login.


How to view your LoadMater Inventory -- Typo??? :-)
The page title is funny - site says it was Updated: Thursday, October 29, 2020 13:21 - wonder if someone hit a wrong key just before publishing...???

Nick Smylie

Fixed! Thanks for the heads up.


Can a load master be associated to more than one person? My company has many load masters in production but the licensing was done by one employee. While that's fine, is there a way for other employees to see the status of those and link them to their account also or is it limited to a single person?


Nick Smylie

Hi marc.smith,

As of right now that feature is not being looked at.

EDIT:  You could actually post at the link below.  It is a portal/site for feature requests.  Our PM team will see this and respond.

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