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LoadMaster will not boot after upgrade to firmware version 7.1-28 or later

Occasionally, the LoadMaster may no longer boot after an upgrade to firmware version 7.1-28 or later. When this happens, a direct connection to the LoadMaster via monitor and keyboard shows one of the following messages after the power cycle:

Boot failed: please change disks and press a key to continue

Boot Failed: Please change disk and press enter to continue

Incorrect passphrase supplied... Enter passphrase:

This may happen because the LoadMaster no longer supports the SSHv1 protocol as of version 7.1-32. Having this protocol enabled will cause the boot failure because the LoadMaster no longer recognizes the setting.

To fix this issue, press the Enter key repeatedly to force the unit to boot. Once the boot cycle is complete, log in to the console with the bal user credentials. Go to Utilities > Software Update > Rollback Update to roll back to the previous version.

After the firmware downgrade, access the LoadMaster via the Web User Interface (WUI) and go to System Config > Miscellaneous Options > Remote Access and check the Disable sshv1 box. Once this is complete you can attempt the upgrade again.

Note: This is not an issue when upgrading to or above because the issue has been addressed in this version. 

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