Azure VLM Provisioning State results In "Failed" Message

The image above shows the Provisioning State of the VLM as "Failed" after the deployment has completed. Despite the message, the VLM instance will still be accessible but this condition may not be ideal.

Customers are advised to disable Monitoring Diagnostics during the VLM deployment in order to prevent this “Failed” Provisioning State message and possible interruption of the VLM deployment.


In step 3 of the VLM deployment, as shown above in the red circled area, Monitoring Diagnostics is "Enabled" by default. If the default value is retained the operation completes with the resulting Provisioning State as “Failed”.

Select "Disabled" under Monitoring Diagnostics and click "OK" to move on to the next step in the VLM deployment. Complete the remaining steps as usual.

KEMP Technologies is currently working with Microsoft to further improve Azure integration, and support the diagnostics mode.




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