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FIPS Mode LoadMaster unable to import Templates

After upgrading to the LoadMaster v7.1.35 release, errors are displayed when importing templates on FIPS-based LoadMasters only.

When the LoadMaster is in FIPS mode, templates cannot be imported due to a cipher error "Syntax error detected in template file: Cipher set not valid" as shown in the screenshot above.

This can be resolved with the creation of a basic Best Practices XXX cipher set and is easily done via the RESTful API.

Note: The API interface is required to be enabled as shown in the screenshot above (Certificates & Security > Remote Access > Enable API Interface).

With the RESTful API enabled, the following command will create a Best Practices Cipher Set. This can be pasted into a browser window address bar with the LoadMaster IP address appropriately updated:


The XXX is the name give to the new group of ciphers.

This will create a Best Practices cipher set which will allow the successful import of templates.

Note: This is a basic Best Practices cipher set to enable the template functionality and should be appropriately updated before assigning to a Virtual Service and using in a production environment.

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