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KEMP 360 Vision is a proactive application delivery monitoring and visibility service provided by KEMP to help customers optimize their application Infrastructure. The KEMP LoadMaster Application Delivery Controller (ADC) is in the ideal place in a network to provide an optimal view of application state. Metrics such as traffic load, server health, system throughput, concurrent connections, interface statistics, load distribution and system resource utilisation provide the information needed to determine the health of application delivery.

Along with current application state, historical metrics provide valuable information in both evaluating the long-term health of application delivery, as well as optimization and capacity planning.

KEMP 360 Vision utilises metrics collected to enable proactive health-monitoring, customer alerts, data reporting, capacity planning and configuration optimization. KEMP 360 Vision takes customer support to a new level by proving 24x7x365 active monitoring of the customer’s ADC and proactively informing customers of potential application delivery issues. In the event of an application delivery issue, the customer will be notified by your chosen method, or methods, (by phone, email and/or SMS and a KEMP support engineer will be engaged for assistance. This ensures minimum time to resolution and this proactive approach allows a large proportion of issues to be resolved before any potential service outages or user impacts occur.

Document Purpose

In addition to administrating KEMP 360 Vision using the User Interface (UI), it is also possible to perform some tasks using the console. This document provides further information about the KEMP 360 Vision console interface. For information about the UI, please refer to the KEMP 360 Vision, Feature Description.

Intended Audience

Anyone interested in finding out information about the KEMP 360 Vision console interface.

KEMP 360 Vision Console Operation

The KEMP 360 Vision console enables users to interface with KEMP 360 Vision using a menu-based series of options.

Initial Setup

After initially deploying and powering on KEMP 360 Vision, the IP address of the KEMP 360 Vision machine may be obtained by using Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).

If the IP address is not obtained by DHCP, or if the address details of KEMP 360 Vision need to be changed, the console can be used to configure the IP address of KEMP 360 Vision, the default gateway address and the name server addresses. To go through this menu, log in to the console using the default username (kemp360) and password (1fourall). You are required to change this password when you first log in. For further information on the Quick Setup flow, refer to the Quick Setup section.

Console Main Menu

Whenever you log into the console, the main menu appears. You can perform various actions within the console, such as configuring the network settings, changing the password and rebooting the instance.

Configuration Menu Basics

The configuration menu system consists of a number of hierarchical menus split into functional groups. Navigate around the menus by using the Up and Down cursor keys or by using the + and keys on your keyboard. On menus with numeric entries, you can also type the number.

To return to the previous menu, press the q or Esc keys on your keyboard or use the Cancel button.

To access the OK and Cancel buttons, press the Tab key to toggle between the menu and the buttons.

To ensure all changes made to the configuration are ignored, press the Cancel button.

Main Menu

To go to the relevant menu option, select the OK button from the main menu (this is currently highlighted).

The following options are available on the initial console menu:

Quick setup

Configure the network settings for KEMP 360 Vision. For step-by-step instructions on Quick Setup, refer to the Quick Setup section.

Network Setup

Open the Network Setup menu.

The KEMP 360 Vision Network Setup menu enables you to configure the following:

Network Configuration:

Input the IP address of the KEMP 360 Vision machine.

Hostname Configuration:

Enter the hostname of the current machine.

DNS Configuration:

Enter a, space-separated, list of name server IP addresses.

Default Gateway Configuration:

Enter the IP address of the default gateway. KEMP 360 Vision requires a default gateway through which it can communicate with the Internet.

Automatic Configuration:

Select DHCP if you want to automatically configure the network settings for KEMP 360 Vision.

DHCP automatically sets the IP address, the hostname, the Domain Name Server (DNS) and the default gateway for KEMP 360 Vision.

You must reboot KEMP 360 Vision to activate a change in Network Setup.

Ping Host

Test the connection to a specified address. Enter any valid address to check if KEMP 360 Vision can communicate with it, such as

Change Password

Change the password of the KEMP 360 Vision console user (kemp360).


Reboot the KEMP 360 Vision machine.


Exit the menu.

Quick Setup

Quick setup automatically begins when you log in to KEMP 360 Vision for the first time. You can also start the quick setup by selecting option 1 from the main menu.

You can quickly configure the network settings in KEMP 360 Vision by using the quick setup option. After KEMP 360 Vision is configured and running, all other parameters can be changed using the User Interface (UI).

Quick Setup welcomes you with the following message:

The Quick Setup procedure enables the configuration of the following parameters:

IP address of KEMP 360 Vision

Default Gateway

IP address or addresses of any associated name servers

After these parameters are set, the configuration will be active. KEMP 360 Vision is then ready for use.

If a parameter is incorrectly set, use the Cancel button until the main menu appears. You can then run through the Quick Setup again to correct the error.

To set up your KEMP 360 Vision network settings, use the following steps:

  1. Log in to the console.

  1. Select Quick Setup and then press OK.
  2. From the Quick Setup Help dialog box, press OK.
  3. On the DHCP dialog box, select No to manually configure the settings.

  1. Enter the IP address and Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR) you want to assign to KEMP 360 Vision and press OK.

  1. Enter the IP address of the default gateway and press OK.

  1. Enter a, space separated, list of name server IP addresses and press OK.

  1. Press Yes on the Reboot screen to activate the setup.


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KEMP 360 Vision, Feature Description

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