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How to configure the LoadMaster to send unexpected reboot event logs to a Syslog Server

Reboots, crashes, and lockups can cause disruption of your LoadMaster and production traffic going through it.  During unexpected failovers of the LoadMaster, logs could be lost in the process. To get a better understanding of what happens during these times you can set up external logging on the LoadMaster to preserve the logs of the LoadMaster to help in the future.

There are two options.

Syslog Server

We could setup a Syslog server.  System Configuration > Logging Options > Syslog Options.

An external Syslog server can capture all the logs the LoadMaster is already reporting and send it to the Syslog server via UDP port 514 by default.  You can now use other ports other then 514

The Syslog server can capture on 6 different Hosts.

Emergency Host – The system is unusable and requires immediate attention

Critical Host – Should be corrected immediately, but indicates failure in a primary system

Error Host - Non-urgent failures but should be looked at ASAP

Warn Host - Not an error, but indication that an error will occur if action is not taken

Notice Host - Events that are unusual but not error conditions - no immediate action required

Info Host - Normal operational messages - may be harvested for reporting

When applying IPs to these fields it is important to remember that the fields cascade up. You only have to configure “info host” if you wish everything to be reported to your server.  You can add multiple IPs in these fields by space separating the IPs.



Netconsole Host

You can also set up a netconsole host.  System Configuration > System Log files > Debug options.  A netconsole host will capture any panic messages sent from the kernel.  These normally would not be seen in the logs.

netconsole1.png netconsole2.png

The netconsole host works perfectly with any other external logging source, such as the syslog server.  The only requirement is that the netconsole host must be local to the interface you select.  Below is an example of netconsole logging confirmation.


Here is instead an example of Kernel panic:



Kemp provides its own source of syslog and monitoring service.  Our Kemp360 Central provides an external syslog, among other benefits.  Kemp360 Central provides a portal for all of your LoadMasters to monitor any virtual services that go down, real servers failing health checks, HA failovers, and even if a LoadMaster goes down.

Kemp360 Central provides you with a day by day snapshot of any unusual activity on your LoadMasters.  For more information regarding Kemp360, please see the Feature Description document below:

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