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Advanced analysis - unlimited flows error





Unlimited flows can be displayed only in a CSV or a TXT file


Product: Flowmon Collector

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Question/Problem Description:

"How to display unlimited number of flows? When I attempt to select the unlimited number of flows, the following error is displayed" error.png

Steps to Reproduce: Chose the "unlimited" option in the "Advanced analysis - List of flows" above any time period
Error Message: "The analysis has been processed. The result is available in the list of previous results, but it cannot be displayed in GUI, because the flows with unlimited number of lines cannot be shown properly."
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Resolution: It is possible to get unlimited results from the list of flows but the unlimited result cannot be displayed in the GUI, it can be only downloaded as CSV or TXT file - the user can choose them from the "Previous results" menu to download either of them. 
Depending on the amount of traffic, the system can kill the query if it attemts to eat all the available RAM. If that happens, it is suggested to display shorter time periods, or limiting the result, eg. to 10000 rows. 

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