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HW appliance interfaces





Details about network interfaces of Flowmon HW appliances.


Product: Flowmon

Version: Any

Platform: HW

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What network interfaces are present on HW appliances?

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Every HW collector has two 1 Gbps management ports and one dedicated iDRAC port. HW probes have also two 1 Gbps management ports (except for IFP-1000-CU with only one management port), and most of them have also a dedicated iDRAC port (details in the linked specification). It is possible to purchase the collector/probe with 10G management ports if needed.
Specification is available at the bottom of the page:

Collectors -

Probes -

It is possible to use the first port for management only and the second for flow collection (collectors) or flow export (probes). But there is no best practice. It depends on the amount of flows received/exported (the bottleneck is the appliance performance, even 1G port can usually handle all the incoming/outgoing flows) and on the customer's preferences.
Most of the customers are using only one management port, both for management and flow collection/export. 
Traffic estimation - 1k fps (flows per second) generates about 1 Mbps traffic on the management port. Different flow sources can generate flows with different sizes. A number of flow fields and their size may vary. 
It is recommended that iDRAC is connected as well. It can be used for HW monitoring and HW troubleshooting when needed.


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