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Change Notice: Online Licensing for Legacy Releases

Date of Notice: 25 January 2024

As of 05 April 2024, the following LoadMaster licensing server endpoints will no longer be active:


The above licensing servers are used only by LoadMasters running the following older LMOS releases:

  • 7.2.49.x through 7.2.52.x
  • and below

As a result, customers running the above releases of LMOS will need to use the offline licensing service documented in the Licensing Feature Description document. To continue using online licensing, update LoadMaster to one of the following releases:

  • 7.2.53.x and above (at least 7.2.54.x is recommended)
  • through

In these and new releases, is the licensing services endpoint.

Please see this document for a summary of LoadMaster releases and content.

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