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Steps for configuring GEO





Straightforward article that covers how to set up basic GEO configuration on the LoadMaster and within DNS


Product: LoadMaster

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How can we configure GEO on the LoadMaster and within DNS?

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How to configure GEO Partnering

Certificates & Security > Remote Access > GEO Settings > GEO LoadMaster Partners

Enter the GEO partner LoadMaster IP

Certificates & Security > Remote Access > GEO Settings > Remote GEO LoadMaster Access

Set the address of all GEO partners which can be space separated


FQDN Setup

Global Balancing > Manage FQDN > Add FQDN

Within the FQDN add all responding virtual service IP address to the FQDN


DNS Integration Requirements

  • An A record for each GEO LoadMaster
  • An NS record is needed to delegate authority of FQDN to the LoadMasters


To Configure DNS Records within Windows

Server Manager > Tools > DNS

Right-click on domain > New Host (A or AAAA)

Enter name and IP address

*Repeat for all LoadMasters responding to that FQDN


Delegate authority of FQDN to LoadMaster within Windows

Right-click on domain name > New Delegation > Enter domain name > Click Next >

Add the Name Server > Click Add > Search for A records and click resolve.


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