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SNMPv3 service monitoring in Flowmon





How to setup and configure encrypted SNMPv3 monitoring


Product: Flowmon

Version: Any supported version

Platform: Any

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The SNMPv3 is a secured way to avoid possible data leakage or information modification while using SNMP monitoring.

To use it in Flowmon, the user will need to


1) setup the SNMP server community in Configuration Center → System → System settings.


2) connect to the SSH console using the "flowmon" user


3) stop the snmp service using this command:

   [flowmon@internal ~]$ sudo service snmpd stop


4) add the SNMPv3 user

  [flowmon@internal ~]$ sudo net-snmp-config --create-snmpv3-user -a 'authpasswd' -x 'privpasswd' -X AES -A SHA username


where authpasswd, privpasswd, username are just placeholders for the values that the user chooses. 


5) start snmpd service again

[flowmon@internal ~]$ sudo service snmpd start 


Then, back in the Configuration center again, by clicking the "Edit snmpd.conf" button it is possible to see that the user was created at the end of the file.

This file can also be edited this way. The SNMPv3 user can be removed from the snmpd.conf manually by deleting the row. After clicking the "Save" button, the snmpd service is restared automatically.

Also, the UDP communication on port 162 needs to be enabled. Then the SNMPv3 monitoring is ready to use.


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