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Root access to the Flowmon OS





Details about providing root access to the Flowmon appliances.


Product: Flowmon OS

Version: Any

Platform: Any

Question/Problem Description:

Is it possible to get the root password for Flowmon OS?

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The root access to Flowmon appliances is not provided to the customers and is kept only as a service account for Flowmon Networks to provide technical support and maintenance. Any unauthorized modifications of the Flowmon appliance may negatively affect the functionality of the appliance and prevent future software updates.

Only authorized support personnel may work with the appliance with root permissions. The root account itself is password protected, and remote access is restricted. Therefore the customer has full control over who has access to the root account.

The following options are available for logging into the root account:
● the local console (requires physical access to the Flowmon appliance or access to the hypervisor hosting the Flowmon appliance),
● the iDRAC server management console (requires access to the iDRAC management console that is under full customer control),
● a privilege escalation (requires using sudo from CLI when the flowmon user is properly authenticated, access to the flowmon user is under full customer control).


It is forbidden to create new users in the Linux system. Only the "flowmon" user is available to the customers.


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