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Corrupted channel graphs after update to Flowmon 12.3.3





Article describing the issue with corrupted nfcapd or profiles channel graph files for the user-defined channels of the profile. This issue may happen only in the rear case and cannot be identified automatically.


Product: Any

Version: FOS 12.3.3

Platform: Any

Question/Problem Description:

The issue is related to Flowmon 12.3.3 only and may affect all profiles except "All sources"
Due to corrupted nfcapd files, the Flowmon appliance is logging a high number of errors and it is causing high disk usage.

For the corrupted RRD files, you may notice that the channel graph is missing.


The occurrence of the issue is random, and there is no known race condition that triggers the problem.


Steps to Reproduce:

For verification, detect these RRD files by command:

find /data/nfsen/profiles-stat/ -name *.rrd -exec /bin/bash -c "rrdtool info {} > /dev/null || echo failed {}" \;



Error Message:

Error message in the log file /data/components/nftools/log/xfcapd.log is visible

ERROR xfcapd - CheckBufferSpace - CheckBufferSpace - Failed to write output buffer to disk: 'Bad file descriptor' fd:-1

Error message is the log file /data/components/nftools/log/nfcapd.log
Indication of corrupted nfcapd files (Nfdump query must be executed).

ERROR nfdump-non-da - AddExporterStat - Exporter SysID: 0 not found! - Skip stat record record
ERROR nfdump-non-da - process_data - process_data - filename:/data/nfsen/profiles-data/<profile>/<channel>/<YYYY>/<MM>/<DD>/nfcapd.<number> Skip unknown record type
ERROR nfdump-non-da - process_data - process_data - filename:/data/nfsen/profiles-data/<profile>/<channel>/<YYYY>/<MM>/<DD>/nfcapd.202402161135 Corrupt data file. Missing extension map 2 at exporter:0. Skip record.
ERROR nfdump-non-da - process_data - process_data - filename:/data/nfsen/profiles-data/<profile>/<channel>/<YYYY>/<MM>/<DD>/nfcapd.202402161205 Corrupt data file. Missing extension map 9 at exporter:0. Skip record.
ERROR nfdump-non-da - AddExporterStat - Exporter SysID: <ID> is out of range exporter_list_size:512! - Skip stat record record
Defect Number: FLMON-8458
Enhancement Number:  
Cause: Bug in hash computing of channel name.

The fix will be implemented in FOS 12.3.4.

Update to Flowmon 12.3.4 as soon as possible.

If you use Flowmon 12.3.3, please review all your profiles for the graph visibility as the main indicator.

If you can see missing graphs or you can see mentioned messages in the log files, please contact Flowmon Support.

Workaround: Steps to correcting this situation are in preparation and will be updated here when it is ready

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