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Hash mismatch of Configuration for NTP settings





Distributed Architecture - NTP firewall rule is added to the source grupe even if it is disabled


Product: Flowmon Distributed Architecture

Version: Flowmon 12.3.x

Platform: Any

Question/Problem Description:

In the notification center is displayed mismatch of configuration for NTP settings.

Steps to Reproduce:
  1. Have DA with TPM, proxy and slaves, version eg. 12.3.2

  2. FCC - System - Timezone - Allow inboud NTP connections to true (for master group)

    1. NTP firewall rule is present on TPM (and secondary masters)

  3. Source group’s RFCC - Timezone - Allow inbound NTP connections to false (for source group)

    1. NTP firewall rule is not present on proxy and slaves

  4. Update (for example to 12.3.4)

Error Message: Hash mismatch: <global/local/master/source group> configuration of unit \<unit name>\" (HWID: <HWID>) differs from the configuration stored on the top priority master in sections: <Timezone settings, NTP settings,etc.> The configuration will be synchronized automatically as soon as possible.
Defect Number: FLMON-8511
Enhancement Number:  

Hash mismatch in Active firewall rules sections. NTP firewall rule is present in source group XML, but not added in SG units as it is a protected rule.

Resolution: It is BUG. It does not affect any function, only a mismatch is displayed on the unit
Workaround: The fix will be in Flowmon OS 12.4.0

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