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NG Hardware 10Gb Interface VLAN Package

Release Date: 15 March 2024

We've received reports from the field that the 10Gb interfaces on some NG hardware units don't work properly once a VLAN is defined on the interface. This issue applies to both unbonded and bonded interfaces. The fix for this issue is to install an add-on package that will permanently address the problem, as instructed below.

Supported Platforms

This package can be installed on NG hardware only, on top of any firmware version supported on the NG hardware. If you attempt to install this package on any platform other than the NG hardware, the following error is displayed:

Install checks failed: cannot install

Package Installation Process

  1. Download the add-on package to your local workstation:
  2. Unzip the archive using utilities on your workstation.
  3. Open the NG hardware device's user interface using the management IP address and navigate to System Configuration > System Administration > Update Software.
  4. Under Install new Addon Package, use the Choose File buttons to select the package and its associated verification file from Step 2. 
  5. Click Install Addon Package to begin the install.
  6. Once the package is installed, a confirmation box is displayed; click OK. The package should now be listed in the table of Installed Addon Packages.

You will now be able to configure and use VLANs on 10Gb interfaces.

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