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'No Link' issue on physical interface on LoadMaster despite the interface forwarding traffic





'No Link' was observed on a physical interface on the LoadMaster but it shows activity and the link speed as normal and forwards traffic fine.


Product: LoadMaster LM-X15

Version: 7.2.48.x

Platform: Hardare

Application: Any

Question/Problem Description:

'No Link' was observed on the physical interface eth4 in the System Metrics section of the homepage of the hardware LoadMaster LM-X15 even though the link is up showing activity and usual link speed. There is no impact on production traffic or on services working on eth4.



Steps to Reproduce:  
Error Message: 'No Link'
Defect Number: LM-5881, LM-4016, PD-17210
Enhancement Number: N/A

It is something cosmetic on the WUI that has been fixed on the later LTSF firmware version.


The bars for eth0 has 'Net Load' as the label and so, all labels and bars are off by one.

So, where it shows eth3, the bars correspond to eth4. The alignment of labels and bars have been fixed in LoadMaster firmware version LTSF.

So, the LoadMaster need to be upgraded to the latest firmware of LTSF or GA version to overcome this problem.


Latest firmware:


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