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ADS migration to a multi-tenant environment





Flowmon ADS 12.3.X respects tenants defined in the Flowmon Configuration Center. This article describes the main steps for configuration migration for appliances with tenants.


Product: Flowmon ADS

Version: ADS 12.3.X

Platform: Any

Question/Problem Description:

After upgrading to ADS 12.3.X, there are missing perspectives, filters, and events in tenants other than the base tenant.

Steps to Reproduce:  
Error Message:  
Defect Number: FLMON-9681
Enhancement Number:  
Cause: The upgrade process automatically assesses the current configuration of the Anomaly Detection System and migrates all data and configuration to the default Base tenant.
Resolution: 1. Disable Data Feeds to avoid unwanted flow processing and to be able to delete irrelevant Data Feeds after the import (ADS -> Settings -> Processing -> Data feeds).

2. Export the entire XML configuration by clicking Download in Flowmon Configuration Center → System → System Settings → Maintenance → Configuration file.
If the upgrade to ADS 12.3.X was already performed:
For applying ADS configuration only for 1 tenant, it is necessary to import XML configuration from the non-tenant ADS version (ADS 12.2.X and lower). Otherwise, the configuration will be applied only to the base tenant.
Download the latest backup configuration from /etc/flowmon/config-backup/ or from /etc/flowmon/daily-backup/ using the SCP tool. These files are also available in appliance logs in the flowmon directory.

3. Import the XML configuration for each tenant separately. Select only ADS configuration part and import configuration using "Add and modify" option. For more details, see the Migration to a multi-tenant environment Guide.

Notes: ADS 12.3. Release notes:
Migration to a multi-tenant environment:
ADS Tenants configuration:

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