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Release Notice: LoadMaster 360 1.1

We’re very proud to announce the release of the latest version of LoadMaster 360. It delivers an impressive update to our Web Application Firewall (WAF) functionality along with several other new features. The release is now live in the product.

Improve your configuration process through smart rule tuning

The new enhanced WAF feature of LoadMaster 360 delivers improved security insights and minimizes the time required for WAF configuration and tuning. False positive identification and smart rule tuning empowers users with specific guidance to identify security threats and filter out false positives from legitimate application traffic. The WAF tuning features let you view individual false positive events, view the activity from intelligently parsed logs, and configure rule exclusions to properly tune your ruleset to allow only legitimate traffic.

Every 24 hours, LoadMaster 360 now provides a detailed report identifying what we believe are false positives. This report helps you to fine-tune your WAF rules, ensuring better accuracy and security. Access the WAF Insights > WAF Rule Tuning page (in the LoadMaster details page) to review and adjust your rules based on these insights.

Gain specialized security insights into your environments and applications

Enhanced Web Application Firewall (WAF) helps generate security insights across your environments on an application-by-application basis to quickly identify the who, when, and where of potential security issues.

Users are notified when to pay attention to potential application security issues and can more easily pinpoint and examine the details of when issues are occurring, where they are originating, and who may be responsible.

Information you can view includes:

  • The types of attacks stopped by the WAF (Top 10 Executed Rules)
  • Where around the globe the events are originating
  • Details of the False Positive activity
  • Who is getting blocked by the WAF (Top 10 Blocked Requests by IP and URL)
  • Total requests and blocked requests
  • The percentage of the total requests blocked from your application

You can explore these analytics under the WAF Insights tab in the Application details page. Alternatively, you can use individual widgets on your custom dashboard, that provide you with more detailed and actionable information at a glance.

Understand how your LoadMaster WAF is performing

The enhanced WAF provides a more refined and detailed view of how your WAF is functioning. Whether it is actively blocking traffic, where that traffic is originating from, or what types of attack vectors are being identified. Leveraging the existing WAF core functionality in the LoadMaster, LoadMaster 360 surfaces many insights into how the WAF is performing and what you need to pay attention to.

You can find these widgets in the WAF Insights tab in the LoadMaster details page. Alternatively, you can use individual widgets on your custom dashboard, that provide you with more detailed and actionable information at a glance.

Note: The enhanced WAF capabilities are only available to users with Enterprise Plus subscriptions. This is because the core WAF functionality is only present in that tier.




Application Timings:

LoadMaster 360 leverages the power of the Flowmon Collector (in combination with the LoadMaster) to provide detailed network telemetry information. This enhancement allows you to view Average client to server time statistics, including Client to Load Balancer Round Trip Time (RTT), Load Balancer to Real Server RTT, and both Client and Server Retransmissions (RTR). This detailed telemetry data helps you gain deeper insights into application performance and network efficiency.

This is the first feature of User Insights, which we will release in the coming weeks and months.




For a full list of updates and bug fixes have a look at our release notes for all patch releases since our 1.0 release.


This new update is already live for all customers on LoadMaster 360. If you would like to know more about the product or schedule a demo check out our overview located here. You can also check out our prior launch article to see what the product does and looks like here.



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