Release Notice – KEMP 360 Central 1.21

Release Date February 7th 2018

 KEMP 360 Central Version 1.21 is now available for download from the KEMP website at The release notes for this version are available here.

 Release Highlights:

  • Support for NTP time services
  • Multiple performance and UI issues resolved

Upgrading to Version 1.21:

The upgrade patch for KEMP 360 Central 1.21 is available here.

Upgrade guidance is provided in the release notes referenced above.


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Aaaaaaaaaaaaand ... http redirect to https is STILL marked as "virtual service status" down


and what I forgot: adding a real server with the DNS name instead of IP doesn't work.
and disabling real server, where DNS name is specified instead of IP, doesn't work

Mark Deegan

Http Redirect is due to be "fixed" in 1.25 release. As the redirect is considered to be a down service for the redirect to be activated then this is reporting correctly but this is also a misleading as it shows as down when it is expected. The DNS name is still being investigated and is TBD.