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How to setup Communications Channels for Kemp 360 Vision

For Kemp 360 Vision to send alerts, you will need at least one Communication Channel. This is how you will receive notifications about your ADC Infrastructure. Slack is the preferred Communication Channel, but SMS and Email are also supported. 

To add a Communications Channel you will need to navigate to:

Communications Channels >  Add a New Channel


Here you must choose your Communication Channel - Slack, SMS or Email.


For Email or SMS Simply enter the email address or Phone Number and hit Save


For Slack, you first need to give a Channel Name which is simply a local identifier.

After giving a name, you will be redirected to a slack page where you need to login to a Slack Channel and authorize KEMPBot to access and send alerts on the channel.  


Click Authorize. this will allow KEMPBot to send notifications to the Channel.

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