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Kemp 360 Vision Quick-start Guide

Welcome to Kemp 360 Vision. Here we will explain how you can have your Kemp 360 Vision Service setup in just a few easy steps.

1. Requirements.

Before getting started please check out the Service Requirements. As a Vision Agent Virtual Machine (VM) must be installed to communicate with Kemp Cloud it's important to note the Network Traffic that must be permitted. Kemp 360 Vision Requirements can be found here.

2. Kemp 360 Vision Portal.

Navigate to to begin the process. This is where you will able to access you Kemp 360 Vision Portal.

3. Deploy a Vision Agent

The first step is to create a Vision Agent. The Agent connects back to the Kemp Cloud and reports the status of Application Delivery.

Click Add a New Agent and Follow the directions.

Once the Vision Agent is created it is downloaded and deployed on the chosen Hypervisor.(see Vision Agent Deployment Guide for more details)

Once deployed you should see an indication that the Agent is reachable. If this is not the case please see Kemp 360 Vision Troubleshooting Guide.

If you have multiple locations you may need multiple Agents. Agents can be added anytime;

See Settings>Kemp 360 Vision Agents> Add new Agent

4. Adding Communications Channel

In order for the Kemp 360 Vision Service to operate effectively, this will enable you to receive communication from Kemp 360 Vision. Communication Channels can be added at any time;

See Settings>Communications Channel > Add Communications Channel

For more details see Kemp 360 Vision Communications Channels

5. Adding a Cluster for Monitoring

In order to monitor LoadMasters, you must add at least one Cluster. A Cluster may be a Single or High Availability Pair of LoadMasters. When adding please supply the IP address(es) of the LoadMasters as well as the Port used for API Access.  The bal Password is required in order to facilitate the creation of a secure channel from the Vision Agent to the LoadMasters being monitored.

6. Select Applications/Virtual Services

Once Clusters are added the next step is to select Applications (Virtual Services) for Monitoring. By default, all Virtual Services will be added but these can easily be de-selected. To do this you need to Navigate to the Cluster under:

Agents (Select the Appropriate Agent) and then Select the Cluster and Click "Edit"

7. Configure Timezone

Based on your location you should configure the Timezone under:

Admin Settings>Global Settings>Timezone

8. Troubleshooting Guide

If you have issues during deployment please check out the Kemp 360 Vision Troubleshooting


9. Assistance

If you need assistance, please let us know here, and our Team will be happy to assist.

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