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How to troubleshoot Kemp 360 Vision Connectivity Issues

Below are some commons issues encountered when setting up Kemp 360 Vision

Vision Agent Connectivity Issues

Once the Vision Agent is deployed you should see the following on the Kemp 360 Vision Portal if the agent connects correctly.


If however there are issues with deployment you may see a Communications Problems or Never Connected Status:

This means the Vision Agent cannot communicate with the Kemp Cloud. In most cases, the reason or this is that there are network issues for the Vision Agent connecting to the Kemp Cloud OR the necessary Firewall Rules are not in place to allow the Connection. The Firewall Rules are documented here.

In order to check if there are connectivity issues you may access Vision Agent Virtual Machine and run a Self-Test:

Customer Vision Agent Access (user kemp360) 

Local Access to the Vision Agent can be made using the User kemp360. This can only be accessed over Console Connection. 

 The Password for this user can be retrieved through under: 

Admin Settings > Click on Agent > Password 

*Note the Password does not include the ' symbols at the start and end.

1. On Local Vision Agent, login as user: kemp360 with the password shown from the previous step. 


2. From Here Navigate to Utilities > Self Test 

3. This will Test all the different functions of the agent including all steps towards connectivity with the cloud.

4. Below is an example of connectivity all looking good: 



If there are local networking issues you may see something like this: 





LoadMaster unreachable / No Virtual Services seen for Cluster.

In some cases, after creating the Vision Agent and adding a Cluster you may see:

1. An indication that the LoadMaster in not reachable for monitoring or 

2. No VS's are visible under “Virtual services”

These both indicate connection issues between the Vision Agent and the LoadMaster.  

Ensure the correct 'bal' user password has been entered when creating the cluster and check that the Vision Agent is able to access the LoadMaster using the API over HTTPS.

If you have enabled User authentication, Radius or Ldap you will need to enable local users from the following menu:

Certificate and Security>Remote Access>WUI Authentication and Authorization>Local users

and also ensure “Use only if other AAA services fail” is unticked.

In the next Releases of the Vision Agent (end 2019) this issue will be resolved through different LoadMaster Access methods.

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Elia Panico

Good evening, we are experiencing problems on the kemp 360 vision platform, the two load balancers are unreachable or there are other problems. We have checked all the network flows without finding any kind of anomaly. You can help us ??  thank you



Mike Starr



When running the self-test as suggested in the document what is shown?