LTS LMOS Release:

Release date: December 5th 2018

This is the Long Term Support (LTS) release suitable for customers who do not want to run the latest version of LoadMaster firmware.

Fully detailed release notes on this LMOS version are available here: LoadMaster LTS Release Notes

Release Highlights

  • Updated OpenSSH to version 7.9p1 to mitigate against CVE-2018-15473
  • Support for LoadMaster Hardware with RAID storage

Patch Download Links

LM-GEO, LM-2000, LM-2200, LM-2500, LM-Exchange

MD5: e59371d332cd007c528e608e841605c1

VLM-GEO, VLM-100, VLM-1000, VLM-200, VLM-2000, VLM 3000, VLM-5000, VLM-10G

LM-2400, LM-2600, LM-3000, LM-3400, LM-3500, LM-3600, LM-4000, LM-5000, LM-5300, LM-5400, LM-5500, LM-8000, LM-8020, LM-8020M, LM-R320, LM-X3, LM-X15

Bare Metal

MD5: c13d4c5b83ffe55727c8a09409365946


MD5: 9b63fd9fb99439eaaaae1b58001c201d


MD5: 5d354b45dbe78c051d62b3983e9895d7

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