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How to configure a Multi-Arm, Multi Public IP Address LoadMaster in Amazon Web Services

This article assumes a LoadMaster has been deployed and licensed in Amazon Web Services (AWS). If deployment assistance is needed, refer to the link below or contact Kemp support.

Deploying LoadMaster in AWS

It is also assumed that an additional Network Interface Controller (NIC) is already attached to the AWS LoadMaster. If assistance is needed with adding a NIC, refer to the link below or contact KEMP support.

Adding an additional NIC in AWS


  • Two or more elastic IP addresses
  • Two or more additional private IP addresses






1. Assign a new private IP address to the LoadMaster network interfaces.  This IP address must be on the same subnet as the respective network interface.





2. Allocate two or more new Elastic IP addresses (based on how many private IP addresses will be added).






 3. Associate each Elastic IP address to the respective private IP address it will be tied to. Select the network interface Resource Type, the correct Network Interface, and the Private IP address being associated to.

4. Repeat this step for each Elastic IP address/Private IP address combination.





 5. On the LoadMaster assign the newly created private IP addresses as additional addresses on each interface. Navigate to System configuration > Network Setup > eth0. Populate the Additional addresses (address[/prefix]) field with the new IP address and with a valid subnet mask.




6. Repeat this step for eth1 and any other interfaces added.


7. Create new Virtual Services using the new private IP address.


8. Test the configuration by browsing to each public IP address.