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How to configure a Multi-Arm, Multi Public IP Address LoadMaster in Amazon Web Services

This article assumes a LoadMaster has been deployed and licensed in Amazon Web Services (AWS). If deployment assistance is needed, refer to the link below or contact Kemp support.

Deploying LoadMaster in AWS

It is also assumed that an additional Network Interface Controller (NIC) is already attached to the AWS LoadMaster. If assistance is needed with adding a NIC, refer to the link below or contact KEMP support.

Adding an additional NIC in AWS


  • Two or more elastic IP addresses
  • Two or more additional private IP addresses
  1. confirm that you have a LoadMaster deployed with at least two interfaces attached
    you can check this from the EC2 menu,

  2. right clicking on the deployed LoadMaster
    select "Networking > Manage IP Addresses"AWS_multi_arm_multi_public_IP_1.png


  3. If you haven't already done so, assign a private IP address to the LoadMaster network interfaces.
    This IP address must be on the same subnet as the respective network interface.

  4. Allocate two or more new Elastic IP addresses (based on how many private IP addresses will be added).
    from the menu "EC2 > Network & Security > Elastic IPs"
  5. Select "Allocate Elastic IP address" to create public IP

  6. Select "Actions > Associate Elastic IP address" to assign them to the LoadMaster interface

  7. On the LoadMaster assign the newly created virtual services using the new private IP addresses
  8. You can now test this by going to the public IP address you previously assigned

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