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ESP - How to configure Delegate to Server

As some protocols and applications are not compatible with Edge Security Pack (ESP) Front End authentication, an option called Delegate to Server is still available within ESP Options, when enabled your backend server will handle authentication.

Delegate to server can still add an extra layer of security for the connections, while also allowing the LoadMaster to log these connections by allowing specific FQDNs and Virtual Directories within those FQDNs.

Currently only protocols HTTP and SMTP support Connection Logging.  To enable Connection Logging, first enable ESP by navigating to:

Virtual Services > View/Modify > VS to be modified > SubVS (if applicable) > ESP Options = Enable

Connection is enabled by default. 




Ensure that the Allowed Virtual Hosts and Allowed Virtual Directories are configured accordingly. 




To view the logged connections, navigate to: 

Logging Options > Extended Log Files > Connection

Example log entry:






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