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How to configure a Single-Arm, Multi Public IP Address LoadMaster in Microsoft Azure


This article assumes you already have a LoadMaster deployed and licensed in Azure. If you need assistance with this refer to the following document:

Deploying LoadMaster in Azure


An additional public IP address is required. 

When the LoadMaster is deployed and licensed, there must be another IP address on that subnet so that we can associate a public IP address to it later.

1. Navigate to network security group and select your network security group.

2. Go to the network interfaces and select the interface you want to add the second IP address to. 

3.Click IP configurations and click Add.

4. Give it a meaningful name and configure a Public IP address with it.


5. Once the IP address configuration is completed you should see another address in the list.


6. Navigate to the LoadMaster and go to the interface configuration. Under additional address, enter the IP address of the interface you just created.

7. Once the ip address is configured on the interface, create a Virtual Service associated with that newly configured IP address.