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How to Reset / Change your Password

This article explains procedures and best practices for setting passwords, including:

  • Password Setting Guidelines
  • Resetting your KempID password.
  • Resetting your bal account password.
  • Changing your bal account password.
  • Reset your password on a LoadMaster for any other user.

Password Setting Guidelines

Please use the following industry-standard guidelines to construct secure passwords for logins. These guidelines are based on the advice found in the Cybersecurity and Information Security Agency’s strong password guidelines.

Resetting Passwords

1. How to Reset your Kemp ID Password

If you forget your Kemp ID password, you can reset it using the following link:


You should receive an email with a reset password link from where you can enter your new password.


Finally, you should receive an email confirming that your password has been changed successfully.

2. How to Reset your bal Account Password

Use this procedure if you've forgotten your bal account password. Resetting the bal user password requires direct console access to the unit. This cannot be done using SSH.

You can reset the bal account password by accessing the system console and logging in with the following credentials:

User: pwreset
Password: 1pwreset

Once this is done, you are prompted to enter credentials again. At this point, you may enter the username bal and the default password, 1fourall.

You must change the bal password from this default before you reboot your unit. See the instructions in the next section. If the default password remains when the system is rebooted, the system reverts back to the old bal account password.

3. How to Change your bal Account Password

  1. From the console menu, after logging in with the bal user, navigate to Local Administration.reset_password_1.png
  2. Select Set Password.
  3. reset_password_2.png
  4. Enter the old password (default 1fourall) then enter the new password twice.reset_password_3.png
  5. You can now log in to the Web User Interface (WUI) by using bal with the new password you just set.

4. How to Reset your Password on a LoadMaster for any Other User

To reset a named user, you must be logged in as bal or a named user with All Permissions. To reset the password, follow the steps below in the LoadMaster WUI:

  1. In the main menu, go to System Configuration > System Administration > User Management.
  2. In the Local Users section, click Modify for the relevant user.
    image (1).png
  3. Type the new password.
  4. Re-enter the new password.
  5. Click Change Password.

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