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How to view the LoadMaster's Metrics and Connection Statistics

This Knowledge Base Article consists of the following parts.

  1. Home Screen Statistics
  2. Historical Graphs
  3. Real Time Statistics
    • Global tab
    • Real Server tab
    • Virtual Service tab
    • WAF tab

1. Home Screen Statistics

On the Home page of the LoadMaster Web User Interface (WUI), a number of statistics are displayed. This includes the CPU Load and Net Load statistics.


  • The CPU Load displays the percentage of load to the CPU of the LoadMaster appliances and to the CPU running a Virtual LoadMaster (VLM).
  • The Net Load displays the network load in megabits per second for each configured interface.

These two statistics are updated every five seconds.

 2. Historical Graphs



The graphs in the LoadMaster WUI are auto-scaling and are shown using SI magnitude units. The graph shows the prefix of the scaling factor used so the absolute value can be calculated if needed.

The possible scaling factors and their prefixes are listed in the table below:

Symbol Prefix Factor
P peta 10^15
T tera 10^12
G giga 10^9
M mega 10^6
k kilo 10^3
m milli 10^(-3)
µ micro 10^(-6)

To calculate the absolute or "real" value, take the value shown in the graph and multiply it by the scaling value.


A value of 200 is shown in connections per second graph in the LoadMaster WUI Home screen with a scaling factor of "m".

As listed in the table above, "m" stands for "milli". Therefore, to find the absolute value of connections per second for that time - the value of 200 must be multiplied by a factor of 10^(-3).

10^(-3) = 0.001

200 x 0.001 = 0.2 connection per second

This calculation shows that there is less than one connection per second and, because the connection rate is so low, if the graph shows the absolute number of connections, it will be just a straight line at zero and offer no useful information.


 3. Real Time Statistics

3.1. Global Tab

The Real Time Statistics shown below reveals information about the CPU usage, memory used and available as well as activity on the network interfaces.


3.2. Real Servers Tab

The Real Servers tab provides the DNS name and IP for the Real Servers that are added to the Virtual Services. The status is displayed and also a count of the connections per Real Server listed for specific Time Windows (total, 60 seconds, 5 minutes, 30 minutes and 1 hour) You can review the amount of active connections and also a percentage ratio of connections per second.


3.3. Virtual Services Tab 

The Virtual Services tab provides information on all Virtual Services you created on the LoadMaster; names, IP addresses, Virtual IP address, and protocols. This includes their status and the amount of connections, bytes, or bits. You also can see the Real Servers for each and how the connections are distributed between the Real Servers. If you have more than 12 Virtual Services, a > More option appears to continue on the next page.


3.4. WAF

In addition to the normal Information about the Virtual Service using WAF, you also get a count of Total RequestsTotal EventsEvents per Hour, and Day and Events over Limit Today.



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Paul Gregory


I have the free loadmaster licence (for a home lab running Exchange Server) and I used to have a tab in the real time statistics area where I could see a summary of where the connections were coming from based on country.

I recently re-built the lab (moved from ESXi to Hyper-V) so downloaded the latest VLM and built the same config. Everything works fin, but I no longer have that summary by country view available in the real time statistics area.

Has that feature been removed in the recent versions?