System Log Explanation


This article provides some information on what the different logs are used for, it does not cover what every log means. The most common examples are added.


Boot.msg File - Contains information, including the current version during the initial starting of LoadMaster. 

Warning Message File - Contains warnings logged during the operation of LoadMaster.

System Message File - Contains system events logged during the operation of LoadMaster. This includes both operating system-level and LoadMaster internal events.

Nameserver Log File - Shows the DNS name server log.

Nameserver Statistics - Shows the latest name server statistics.

IPsec IKE Log - Shows the IPsec IKE log.

WAF Event Log - Contains logs for most recently triggered WAF rules.

The WAF Event Log button does not appear if there are no WAF event logs.

Audit LogFile - Contains a log for each action that is performed by a user; either using the API or the WUI. This only functions if session management is enabled. 


The LoadMaster runs on a Linux Kernel so the produced log messages are Linux-based. To explain every possible log is outside the scope of this article.

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