LoadMaster Setup


If the LoadMaster did not obtain an IP address using Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), the settings must be initially configured using the console menu. The default IP address for the unit is

You can access the LoadMaster's console menu in the following ways: 

  • Virtual LoadMaster - access the console menu using a hypervisor 
  • Physical LoadMaster - access the console menu using a directly connected USB keyboard and VGA monitor. Alternatively, you can connect using a serial connection with the following settings: 
  • Speed: 115200
  • Data Bits: 8
  • Parity: None
  • Stop Bits: 1

Flow Control: None 

Console Setup

Log in to the console. The default LoadMaster login details are as follows: 

  • Username: bal 
  • Password: 1fourall 

 After logging in to the console, the LoadMaster prompts for the following settings; an interface IP address for the unit, a DNS server, and a default gateway.Enter the IP address.

Enter the Default Gateway address.

Enter the Name Server address. 


After successfully configuring these settings, you are prompted to navigate to the Web User Interface (WUI), using the URL https://<LoadMaster_IP>.

To license the LoadMaster, you can follow the Licensing process.


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