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How to configure a Multi-Arm, Single Public IP Address LoadMaster in Microsoft Azure


This article assumes you already have a LoadMaster deployed and licensed in Microsoft Azure.  Information on deploying the LoadMaster in Azure can be found here:

LoadMaster for Azure (Resource Manager) Feature Description

When creating a virtual network, ensure your subnet addressing results in two separate networks. 

1. Create another Address Range in your existing virtual network. 


2. Before we can attach a second interface ensure that the LoadMaster is powered off. Once the machine is powered off, navigate to Networking under Settings. Click Attach network interface and then click Create network interface


3. Type a meaningful name for the network interface and select the new subnet created earlier. Click Create.

4. Select the newly created network interface from the drop down menu and click OK.


 5. Now when you log into the LoadMaster WUI, you will see two interfaces.