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How to configure a Multi-Arm, Multi Public IP Address LoadMaster in Microsoft Azure


This article assumes a LoadMaster is already deployed and licensed in Microsoft Azure.  For assistance with this refer to the:

LoadMaster for Azure (Resource Manager) Feature Description

This article also assumes that a second Network Interface Controller (NIC) is connected to the LoadMaster. For assistance with this please see link below:

Multi-Arm Single Public IP Address Azure



1. Under All Services, Navigate to Network Security Group (NSG) and select the appropriate NSG. Next, click Network interfaces.

Tip: Network Security Groups can be added to Favorites for easy access.


2. Click on the network interface and click IP configurations. Click Add on the top to assign a second IP on that subnet. 


3. Type a name and click OK.


Once created it should look like the above.



Repeat the process for the second adapter as well. 

Now we must create two public IP addresses and associate them with the new IP address created above. 

Use the search bar on the top to navigate to the public IP address. Type a meaningful name and assign it to the resource group.


Now that the new public IP address is created, navigate back to the NSG and associate it to the second NIC which was created previously. Click Save on the top of the page to save the configuration.


Repeat the process for our second NIC. Above is what it should look like after both the public IP addresses have been assigned:



Navigate to the LoadMaster and go to Network Set up > Eth0. Type the new IP address in the Additional addresses field and click Add Address.

Create a new Virtual Service using the new IP address.


Above shows the two new Virtual Services under the names Test Eth0 New IP and Test Eth1 New IP.