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How to configure a Multi-Arm, Multi Public IP Address LoadMaster in Microsoft Azure


This article assumes a LoadMaster is already deployed and licensed in Microsoft Azure.  For assistance with this refer to the:

LoadMaster for Azure (Resource Manager) Feature Description

This article also assumes that a second Network Interface Controller (NIC) is connected to the LoadMaster. For assistance with this please see link below:

Multi-Arm Single Public IP Address Azure

  1. On the Azure portal, Select your LoadMaster and navigate to virtual machine networking menuazure_single_interface_multi_public_IP_1.png


  1. Select the network interface
  2. Select the IP configuration,
    add a new IP address
    under "Add IP configuration" add a new Public IP address to assign to your network interface

  3. you should now see the additional public IP address added
  4. Repeat the process for the second adapter. 
  5. once that is done
    Make sure that you have applied the correct NSG (network security group) to the second interface
  6. On the LoadMaster WUI you will need to add the additional addresses to the NICs under the menu
    System Configuration > Network Setup > Interfaces
  7. now you can use these IP addresses for the virtual services

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