Microsoft Azure - Multi-Arm Single Public IP Address HA


For our guide, we'll use the following template which can be downloaded here:

Azure Multi-Arm HA

Note: This article does not walk through on how to set up an Azure (High Availabilty) HA pair. 


Once we've copied the script to the clipboard let's search Template Deployment in the marketplace.


Next, click Build your own template in the editor


Delete the existing code and replace it with the script from the previously downloaded template.


Fill out the appropriate section and hit Purchase when finished


Note: Once we've hit Purchase, the script will create two LoadMasters for us with the appropriate HA configurations. 


Once the LoadMasters have been deployed and licensed, navigate to Load balancers and select your load balancer group. Click Backend Pools and then click Add


Give the pool a meaningful name. Click Add a target network IP configuration. Select the first LoadMaster and then chose the Eth1 interface. 

Repeat the above step for the second LoadMaster. 

Lastly, we'll need to create the Network Address Translation (NAT) rule

Configure HA on the two LoadMasters. For assistance with configuring HA for Azure please this please see the link below.

High Availability (HA) For Azure (Resource Manager)




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