How To Add Additional Network Interface In Azure

This article assumes you already have a LoadMaster deployed and licensed in Azure.  If you need assistance with this please see the link below or contact KEMP support.

Deploying LoadMaster in Azure

1. First, we'll need to add another address space in our Virtual network. So let's navigate to our virtual network and go to Address space. Once in our address space we can add another network address. Click Save when done.

Note: Navigate to Virtual networks. This can be done using the search feature or if you have Virtual networks saved in your favorites you can select this from the menu. 

2. Click on Subnets and New subnet.

3. Once the subnet has been added, navigate back to the LoadMaster machine and navigate to Networking.

4. Click Attach network interface and then Create network interface. Make sure to select the new subnet created in step 2. 

5. Attach the new subnet to our existing loadmaster. 

Note: The loadmaster needs to be powered off in order for you to successfully attach the new network interface.

6. Once the network interface is attached, let's go ahead and power on the loadmaster and navigate to the network setup. Here we should see Eth 1 added. 



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