How To Import SSL Intermediate Certificates To Your LoadMaster

The Intermediate Certificate(s) formats that are officially supported for the LoadMaster are .PEM .CER & .CRT. This article covers the steps to apply and upload Intermediate Certificate(s) and how to resolve any Invalid Certificate Formats.

To import an Intermediate Certificate to the LoadMaster:-

  1. In the main menu, select Certificates & Security > Intermediate Certs
  2. Click the Choose File button to select and upload the Intermediate Certificate(s).
  3. Insert Certificate and Select Add Certificate
  4. Intermediate Certificate(s) Have now been uploaded the Loadmaster.

Invalid Certificate Formats

If you follow the steps to upload a intermediate Certificate to the loadmaster and receive an Certificate Format Invalid error, it means that the certificate file that you are trying to upload is unsupported or an invalid format.

CER file is used to store X.509 certificate. A CER file can only encoded and exported in Base-64 format in-order to upload to the loadmaster. A CER file exported in a DER Binary format is not supported on the loadmaster and the loadmaster is unable to upload this format.

To convert a CER file into a PEM format can be converted using a SSL Converter Tool

Steps to convert a certificate using SSL Converter Tool:-

  1. Go to the select Link
  2. Under Certificate Conversion Options > Select the Certificate File.
  3. Select the corresponding format type of the selected Certificate file.
  4. Under Type to Convert > Select Standard PEM for the Type of certificate to convert to.
  5. Select Convert Certificate.
  6. This file format can be uploaded and applied to the loadmaster. 

To convert other Certificate formats to a PEM Format using OpenSSL commands, select here.

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