Performing an IFconfig

Ifconfig can be used to provide information on the interface configuration of the LoadMaster. To display this information navigate to System Configuration > Logging Options > System Log Files. Select Ifconfig.

Once selected the output will look like the image below. 

This is the interface identifier.
Link encap:Ethernet:
Shows the device type is Ethernet
HWaddr 00:15:5D:1F:25:72: This is the MAC Address, also know as Hardware Address. It's unique to each interface.
Inet addr: IPv4 IP
Bcast: Broadcast Address
Mask: Network Mask
UP: This is a flag, indicating the interface is up
Inet6 addr: IPv6 address information
RX packets: Total number of packets received
TX packets: Total number of packets transmitted
Collisions: This value should be 0. When its not 0, it could mean that packets are colliding.
Txqueuelen: The length of the transmit queue
RX bytes: Total amount of received bytes
TX Bytes: Total amount of transmitted bytes

After creating a HA pair you will see a virtual interface. This will be indicated by the :0 after the physical interface name. 

Each Virtual service will have a corresponding Virtual IP. The image below displays the output for a virtual service IP on Eth0.


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