How to create a Custom Cipher Set

This article will go over how to set up a custom cipher set on the Loadmaster.

Prerequisite: Make sure you are offloading on the VS and have a certificate assigned.

Please navigate to Certificates and Security -> Cipher Sets -> Cipher Set Management


As you can see in the screenshot, the ciphers that are in Available Ciphers that are highlighted blue are already assigned to the Assigned Ciphers

You can use the Filter field to filter ciphers and locate specific ciphers you want to use without scrolling through the whole list.

If you would like to add a cipher from the available to the assigned you can drag and drop. Click the specific cipher that you want to assign into the assigned cipher set.

Once this is done the cipher that was just moved into assigned ciphers is now highlighted blue.

Once you are done choosing ciphers you can save your custom cipher set in the "Save as" field.

Now that it is saved you can navigate to the virtual service that you want to use the cipher set in and chose the new custom cipher set.

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I need to add this cipher to our custom set but I don't see it as an option.

Bill DeCastro

Hi Craig,
The reason you don't see this as an option is because we list ciphers by OpenSSL name, while you listed an IANA name.
The analogous cipher for the set you listed is ECDHE-RSA-AES256-SHA
Please let us know if you have further questions.