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How to Configure NTP


This article details how to configure a Network Time Protocol (NTP) host. You can use NTP to set the date and time on the LoadMaster. NTP is required for High Availability (HA) so that both units are synced. NTP is also useful for logs that you can use to reference error messages.


Navigate to: System config -> System Administration -> Date/Time -> NTP host(s).


In the NTP host(s) field, type the IP address of each server you want to add. You can add multiple hosts using a space-separated list.  You can use Hostnames if you have a properly configured DNS server to do resolution.

When you have added the IP address, click Set NTP host.

If the NTP server you are trying to connect to has authentication parameters, you must select the Show NTP Authentication Parameters checkbox.

When the Show NTP Authentication Parameters checkbox is selected, the NTP Shared Secret and NTP Key ID fields are displayed. Type the password in the NTP Shared Secret field. Select the NTP KEY ID ranging from 1 to 99.

Note: If NTP is configured, a reboot of the appliance is needed.

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Robert Gneist

Please update this article with the information, that IP/dns-name is possible (at least i dont get an error)



Nick Smylie

Hi Robert Gneist

Added "You can use Hostnames if you have a properly configured DNS server to do resolution" just under the image.  Thanks for the suggestion!