How to configure NTP


This article goes over how to set up an NTP host. NTP is used to set the date and time on the loadmaster. NTP is required to set up for HA so that both units are synced. NTP is also useful for logs to make sure you can reference error messages that come up.


Please navigate to System config -> System Administration -> Date/Time -> NTP host(s)


Here in this field, you will type the ip address of each server you would like to add. Multiple hosts can be added in a space separated list.


Once done typing in the ip address click Set NTP host.


If the NTP server you are trying to connect to has authentication parameters you will need to check the box located next to Show NTP Authentication Parameters.


Once this box is checked NTP Shared Secret and NTP Key ID will show up. From here you will need to put in the password in the NTP Shared Secret field. Once this is done you will need to select the NTP KEY ID ranging from 1 to 99.

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