Release Notice – KEMP 360 Central 1.27


Release Date October 19th 2018

KEMP 360 Central Version 1.27 is now available for download from the KEMP website at The release notes for this version are available here.

Release Highlights:

  • Added ability to restrict Administrative access by IP address and subnet
  • Inclusion of Certificates in LoadMaster backups performed by KEMP 360 Central
  • Performance enhancements to user interface
  • Performance improvements in statistics collection and rendering
  • System capacity has been increased to support up to 600 managed devices or 18,000 managed resources (Virtual Services, SubVSs, Real Servers).


Upgrading to Version 1.27:

The upgrade patch for KEMP 360 Central 1.27 is available here.

Upgrade guidance is provided in the release notes referenced above.

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