KEMP360 Vision - Adding and configuring additional interfaces on an agent

Adding extra interfaces

When first deploying a KEMP360 Vision agent, there is one interface configured by default. To add more interfaces to the agent, extra Network Interface Cards (NICs) need to be added to the Agent through the appropriate Hypervisor. The steps to add a NIC depends on which platform you are using, for example VMware or Hyper-V.

The general process of adding extra NICs is as follows:

  1. Power down the agent.
  2. Edit the configuration of your agent via the hypervisor's interface.
  3. Add the number of NICs you want and assign static MAC addresses to the NICs.
  4. Power on the machine.

When the agent powers up, the agent will have extra interfaces but will not have IP address(es) assigned.


Assigning the IP address(es)

To configure the interface IPs you will need to access the KEMP360 Vision Agent Console Menu or ssh access (port 22).

First, you will need to retrieve your kemp360 user password from the KEMP360 Vision Cloud by logging in with your Kemp ID. Then click on the appropriate agent and click into the options for this agent (see below)


Once the agents' options menu opens click on 'PASSWORD' to retrieve the kemp360 user password (see below)



Now create a console or SSH connection to your agent and login with user: kemp360 & password retrieved. Navigate to the network configuration section (Basic setup -> Network configuration) and apply new IP address(es) to the added interface(s). (Do not change the IP address of eth0)

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