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KEMP 360 Central V1.23 Release Notes

For details on installing and upgrading KEMP 360 Central, refer to

New Features

Availability Reporting

Central’s Reporting UI (Settings & Configuration > Reporting) has been expanded to provide availability (up/down) history reports at various levels of granularity, for all devices or for a user-defined set of devices.

Monitoring Page Modifications

The general usability of the Monitoring page has been improved by making the following major updates, along with other minor updates:

  • Providing the nickname for each object (VS, SubVS, Real Server) that has one, either on the screen or in a tooltip.
  • Providing a better correspondence for SubVS index IDs between LoadMaster and Central. 

Upgrade Logging Enhancement

To make troubleshooting easier, the upgrade process has been improved to provide more information in the system log with respect to both the upgrade process and status.

Enhanced ASL Licensing Management

In previous releases, it is possible for a MELA LoadMaster to activate an ASL license from Central, but without the device’s credentials ever being added to Central so that the device can be managed by Central.

In this release, a timer has been added that specifies the amount of time that an unauthenticated ASL-activated device can remain in the Central configuration before it is automatically removed. The default is 3 days (72 hours). This default can be changed on the Setting & Configuration > System Settings screen.

When such a device is automatically removed, the admin user receives a notification and the device is added to an ASL blacklist. The device cannot get another license without first being removed from the blacklist. You can see such devices on the Setting & Configuration > MELA Licensing Management screen; they are listed in the table as BLOCKED and can be unblocked using controls on this page.

Issues Resolved




Resolved an issue that caused a short delay between the time a network was deleted by the user and when it was actually removed from the network tree.


In some scenarios, the System Configuration > License accordion doesn't open after clicking View list from the dashboard Licensing widget. This bug has been fixed.


In previous releases, it is possible for an offline upgrade to fail if package dependencies in the upgrade cannot be resolved and KEMP 360 Central cannot access the internet to resolve them. This issue has been corrected: upgrades will not require internet access to resolve package dependencies.


Fixed an issue where adding multiple AWS-ELB devices to Central can result in some of those devices being marked unavailable, when they are in fact available.


Fixed an issue in the UI System Configuration tab that caused device nicknames to overlap with the device IP address in the tables presented on the various accordions on this page.


Modified the process for changing a user password: after successfully changing the password on the account you used to log into Central, you are logged out of the system. You must then log in again using the newly set password.


Fixed an issue that caused the Metered Licensing Management > Automatic Reporting UI to show a report failure when no report had yet been sent.


Corrected issues seen in the field when restoring a backup taken on one member of a Central HA Pair to the other unit in the pair. Please note that, after the restore is complete, the HA configuration on the restored Central unit must be updated to point at the other HA unit.


Fixed an issue in the Reporting UI that caused the last column in a 1-day report to be truncated.