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KEMP 360 Central V1.26 Release Notes

For details on installing and upgrading KEMP 360 Central, refer to

New Features

Enhancements to Disk Storage and Database Resiliency

Enhancements have been made to improve visibility and control over disk space consumption in KEMP 360 Central, as well as reduce the system’s disk footprint by default:

  • Users will be able to control the statistics retention policy, which defaults to 3 months. Statistics older than the policy setting will be deleted.
  • A separate log retention policy is also user-configurable and set by default to 3 months of logs for all managed devices.
  • The default log message level configured on newly-added managed devices has been changed from INFO to ERROR, to reduce log pressure on disk space. This can be overridden by the administrator using existing controls on managed devices. The log level for existing devices on upgrade will not be modified.
  • A new global parameter controls the log level accepted on receipt of logs from a managed device. If a message is received at a log level lower than the KEMP 360 Central global setting, it is dropped and not added to the log history. So, for example: if a LoadMaster is set to send INFO logs and above to Central, and Central’s global setting is set to ERROR, then all messages received from the LoadMaster below the ERROR level are be dropped. By default, this behavior is Disabled – all logs received are stored.
  • A disk space alert threshold has been added to configure the consumption level at which alerts will begin to be displayed to the user in the UI, emailed to the SMPT settings recipient list, and sent to the system log. The intent is to give the user notice that there is a potential disk space issue, and they can manage the above settings to set limits – or engage support for help before disk space consumption reaches critical levels. Alerts are provided on a per-partition basis on two-partition systems: one for the OS partition and one for the Data partition (which contains logs and statistics).
  • Internally, a ‘high water mark’ of disk space consumption on the OS (or a single) partition has been defined at 95% -- the intent of which is to prevent disk space consumption from reaching a level that would make the system unresponsive. Once consumption reaches this level, all remote log collection stops until disk space is freed. As above, the intent is to allow the user to make use of the new controls provided and/or call support for assistance.
  • All the above-mentioned controls are presented on a new Settings and Configuration > Storage accordion.

UI Session Limiting

An internal inactivity timer has been added to limit UI sessions to 24 hours. After 23 hours and 50 minutes of inactivity, a dialog is displayed to warn the user that their session is about to be closed, presents a 10-minute timer, and allows the user to continue or close their session. After the 10-minute timer expires, the session is terminated and the user is redirected to the login page.

Issues Resolved




Addressed an issue with device statistics seen when a LoadMaster in an HA pair when it changes state from Master to Standby mode and then very quickly changes back to Master mode.


Fixed an issue where the KEMP 360 Central UI does not return an error when an attempt to configure a new syslog target on a LoadMaster fails because the LoadMaster has already reached its limit on the total number of syslog targets allowed.


When a user with read permission on the system configuration opens the System Settings page, a spurious error message is displayed that the user cannot perform the specified action. This issue has been fixed.


Fixed an issue where specifying multiple email addresses for the Bcc: list on the SMTP Settings screen results in email being sent to only the first email address specified.


In multiple locations in the UI, drop-down or combo box controls are used to present lists that can only be manipulated with the mouse or other pointing device only. These controls have been enhanced to also support keyboard navigation and selection.


Fixed an issue where selecting a resource from the repository on Central (such as a backup, template, or firmware image), the UI only displays the most recent 20 items in the repository. Now, all existing resource are displayed.