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Multi-Tenant LoadMaster MT_7.1.35.4 Release Notes

Refer to the sections below for details about firmware version MT_7.1.35.4. This was released on 1st May 2018.

New Features

Support added for the new LM-X series of LoadMaster.

Issues Resolved


Previously, error text appeared in the Multi-Tenant LoadMaster Web User Interface (WUI) when adding a VLAN with the same ID.
Now, this text no longer appears in the WUI and an error pop-up appears with the correct error information.


Addressed a critical vulnerability (CVE-2018-0901) in the Multi-Tenant LoadMaster Operating System (MT-LMOS) related to Session Management where an unauthenticated, remote attacker could bypass security protections, gain system privileges, execute elevated commands and expose certain sensitive system data such as certificates and private keys. The expanded scope of this vulnerability covering exploitation through injection of arbitrary executable commands in cookies is addressed in this release.


Previously, the link status displayed in the Multi-Tenant LoadMaster WUI was incorrect.
Now, the correct link status is displayed in the Multi-Tenant LoadMaster WUI.

Known Issues


High Availability (HA) on the Multi-Tenant LoadMaster does not work with LoadMaster VNF firmware versions LTS 7.1.35.x and V7.2.36.x.


RADIUS-based users do not get the correct Web User Interface (WUI) administration permissions when WUI Session Management is enabled.


For newly-created VLANs, the selectable VLAN ID for the VNF does not match the VLAN ID on the Multi-Tenant interface list.


The following error message appears if no local users are configured on the Multi-Tenant host WUI: '_RO_USERS: No such file or directory'. There is no functional impact relating to this error.


Users cannot apply a WUI certificate using the RESTful API or WUI.


You cannot update the license of a Multi-Tenant LoadMaster VNF.


VLAN IDs can be referenced using their HEX identifiers or the equivalent integer value. In cases where multiple VLANs are configured, this leads to difficulty identifying the appropriate VLAN ID.


Bonded VNF interfaces are not removed correctly following a VNF Factory Reset operation.


You cannot restore backup files on Multi-Tenant LoadMaster VNFs.


There are some issues when bonding more than two interfaces on a Multi-Tenant host.