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GEO 2.3.43 Release Notes

Refer to the sections below for details about firmware version 2.3.43. This was released on 25th July 2018.

Issues Resolved


Previously, in certain scenarios, high CPU utilization was observed with GEO.
Now, GEO stability has been increased.


Previously, when GEO was configured with two or more Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) sites with the same IP address, the API command to change the checker address (changecheckeraddr) only worked for the first FQDN and failed for others.

Now, the API command works as expected when multiple FQDN sites are configured with the same IP address.

Known Issues


GEO Proximity and Location Based scheduling do not work with IPv6 source addresses.


GEO Location Based failover does not work as expected.


GEO does not support DNS TCP requests from unknown sources.


An issue with configuration corruption is causing some GEO features to not function.


Under certain specific conditions, the GEO application logs can fill the allocated partition which causes the unit to not log any further messages.


If a GEO FQDN is configured with All Available as the Selection Criteria, IP addresses are returned even if the cluster is disabled.


In GEO, an incorrect message "GEO ACL Automatic Update file not found" is reported in the logs, even if Enable Automated GEO IP Blacklist data Updates is disabled.


A user who only has the Geo Control permission cannot enable GSLB on the LoadMaster.


In a GEO configuration with Stickiness set in the Miscellaneous Params WUI screen, a requested Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) is not returned correctly if the Fail Over location is set to Everywhere.