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GEO Release Notes

Refer to the sections below for details about firmware version This was released on 20th February 2019.

New Features

No new features were added.

Feature Enhancements

The following feature enhancements were made:

  • Kemp brand identity changes:
    • To align with the company’s vision of transforming the end-to-end life cycle of application delivery for enterprises and service providers, Kemp has refreshed its brand identity and has revealed its new logo in this release.
  • Added support for special characters in LDAP Domain Name. This enhancement allows the following symbols to be used in Domain Names: * ( ) \ null for Web User Interface (WUI) Authentication.

Issues Resolved


LoadMaster certificate backup files created on firmware version can now be successfully restored on GEO LoadMasters with firmware


Known Issues


Log partition Disk Usage on the LoadMaster WUI under Statistics >> Real Time Statistics is not available when using the REST or PowerShell API commands.


WUI Multi-Interface access does not work on any port other than the default port 443.


The LDAP response timeout cannot be configured and is defaulted to 5 seconds.


IPv6 is not supported by the current RADIUS implementation in the GEO LoadMaster for WUI Authorization.


On cloud LoadMasters changing the default gateway from interface eth0 to another interface can cause networking issues.


The WUI is not accessible on NIC-1 from a non-local subnet.


If a GEO FQDN is configured with All Available as the Selection Criteria, IP addresses are returned even if the cluster is disabled.


An issue with configuration corruption is causing some GEO features to not function.


GEO does not support DNS TCP requests from unknown sources.


GEO Location Based failover does not work as expected.


GEO Proximity and Location Based scheduling do not work with IPv6 source addresses.