Kemp360 Central Firmware Upgrade Path

This article provides a firmware upgrade path for all versions of Kemp360 Central.


Upgrading from pre-1.9

If upgrading from 1.6 or earlier, you will only be able to upgrade to version 1.9. If you'd like to deploy on the latest version of firmware, a redeployment is required.


Upgrading from any version between 1.9 and 1.27

Upgrade to 2.0. Reboot your 360 Central device

Upgrade to 2.x Reboot your 360 Central device


Note: If upgrading from pre-1.25.2, please reach out to Kemp Support. An increased disk size was enforced in 1.25.2. Kemp Support must increase the disk size within the VM. Alternatively, a redeployment of Central using the latest version obtained from here, would come with the increased disk size pre-configured.


Upgrading from 2.0 or later

Upgrade to 2.x Reboot your 360 Central device



Release notes are available for all firmware versions of Kemp360 Central.

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