Kemp 360 Central 2.3.1

Release Date: September 4th, 2019

Release Highlights:

  • Built-in trial – simply provide a Kemp ID to license for a 30-day trial
  • Auto-addition of Metered Licensing LoadMaster instances to management
  • Daily usage reporting in JSON format
  • License ownership change
  • Import of certificate and key for administration UI

Recommended Reading

For full details on new features and issues resolved, consult Kemp 360 Central 2.3 Release Notes and Kemp 360 Central 2.3.1 Release Notes.

Download Links

Kemp 360 Central 2.3.1.patch

The direct upgrade to V2.3 only works on V2.0 or later systems. Upgrade guidance is provided in the release notes referenced above on upgrading from earlier versions to V2.3.

The upgrade patch for Kemp 360 Central 2.0 is available here.

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