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How to properly restore LoadMaster configuration

The process for restoring backups from LoadMaster to LoadMaster is found below.

Kemp does not recommend using the ‘base’ restore feature found on the LoadMaster.  This is due to some units having more network ports then your previous unit.  This limitation is found on both physical and virtual units.  For this reason, we recommend not using the ‘base’ restore unless it is the same type of unit.  If it is a virtual unit we do not recommend it unless you have the same amount of virtual NICs attached.

Please take note though, there are things within the base configuration that could be important.  Such as:

  • L7 Configuration within Miscellaneous options
  • Network Configuration within Miscellaneous options
  • Blacklist and whitelist
  • Additional users to log onto the LoadMaster(User management)
  • Host & DNS Configuration
  • VPN Management
  • Back/Restore options

If you need to restore these features please take note of existing configuration so you can mimic from your old unit to your new unit.

When backing up and restoring to your new units please see the guidelines below.

If you want to use the same IP interface configuration

  1. Take backup of your old/current LoadMaster
  2. Shutdown old units
  3. Turn on new units
  4. IP them appropriately
  5. Pair them up in HA if needed
  6. Restore the Virtual Service configuration into the new LoadMaster

Turning off the old LoadMasters first ensures we do not run into any duplicate IP issues of the interfaces with the new and old units.

If you do not want to use the IP interface configuration

  1. Take backup of old/current LoadMaster
  2. Turn on new units
  3. IP them appropriately
  4. Pair them up in HA if needed
  5. Shutdown old units
  6. Restore the Virtual Service configuration into the new LoadMaster

It is important to note that when restoring the configuration of an old LoadMaster into a new one you can run into dupe IP issues of your virtual services if you do not shutdown the old units first.

If you are using additional features on the LoadMaster such as GEO or ESP you can restore these at the same time as the virtual service restore or at a later point since they are their own restores.

If you also have certificates you need to backup/restore that is a separate function altogether.  Please see the article below for information on that.

Backing Up & Uploading Certificates

Once done please verify everything is working as expected.

Any issues or questions please reach out to Kemp Support.

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